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Soil Sampling

At Yorkshire Paddock Care we believe that the first step to caring for paddocks is to know what’s going on in the soil. ¬†Using soil sample analysis our qualified agronomist can interpret the results and then streamline the products that are applied to your grass.

There is no need to apply something, just because “its always been done like that.”

Fertiliser Supply & Application

At Yorkshire Paddock Care we supply and apply Suregrow fertiliser.

Agricultural fertiliser is high in nitrogen and this promotes rapid leaf growth, which is fine if your looking to cut a crop of hay or silage.

Suregrow has been specially formulated for equestrian grass. By providing all the major nutrients required for grass growth, in a slow release formula the grass growth is sustained at a slower rate for a longer period. This can mean that there will be grass on your paddock for longer, both through warm summer months and into winter. The longer your horse has grass to graze means your not having to feed expensive hay or hard feed and paddocks will stay drier longer with a covering of grass.

Suregrow can be applied from March until November, using a quad mounted applicator we are able to travel as soon as the grass starts to grow.

Suregrown can be applied with the horses left on the paddock provided there is at least 2” or 50mm of grass.

For more information regarding Suregrow go to www.suregrowuk.com

Suregrow CSM is also available, containing 70 trace elements that help improve grass quality, root development and soil structure. It can also help reduce soil acidity.

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Grass Seed Supply

Horses that are wintered out, or have restricted grazing during the winter will inevitably cause some form of poaching during wet weather. Using a combination of good quality grass seed and a harrow the damaged areas can be repaired. Over seeding of grass paddocks can be done in Spring, spreading grass seed on existing grass and then harrowing and rolling to ensure soil contact to aid germination. This produces an improved sward, which in turn reduces weeds. Regenerating your tired pasture.

Yorkshire Paddock Care can supply grass seed and we are able to apply it for you.