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Poo picking, think of the hours you've spent poo picking.

Removing horse poo from the paddock is good practice as it reduces the worm burden in the soil and prevents re-ingestion of the worms into your horses gut. By reducing the worms your horses have improves the rate of feed conversion and reduces the amount of feed required to maintain the horses health.

By working with Yorkshire Paddock care we can sweep the poo on a regular basis as the horses are rotated on their grazing so the paddocks are clear of poo and rested before they are grazed again. This saves you time each day that means you can spend your time riding and enjoying your horses rather than picking up after it.

Sweeping paddocks also has a scarifying effect and removes some of the dead grass and weeds and helps stimulate growth.

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Flail Mowing

Yorkshire Paddock Care recommend that for optimum grazing grass should be kept short to prevent the grass going to seed. If you have the luxury of “too much grass” then flail mowing is a way of keeping the grass in optimum condition for grazing.

Alternatively we have customers who no longer graze their paddocks but instead have them mowed on a regular basis through the summer. Towed behind a quad the mower is able to access areas that sometimes a larger machine is not able to get to. It also can use drives and paths for access where a tractor would cause damage or simply could not access.

Talk to Yorkshire Paddock Care about your requirements.

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Harrowing & Rolling

Yorkshire Paddock Care suggests harrowing should be carried out in Spring or early Summer, depending on ground conditions. The harrow scarifies the surface, pulling out dead grass and weeds, it also has a levelling effect and can be used to create a fine tilth suitable for reseeding areas that have become poached over winter.

This harrowing action also promotes germination of both grass and weed seeds, meaning its an ideal tool to use in a paddock maintenance program, several weeks before the paddock is sprayed for weed control. This ensures more weed seeds are germinated early and a more wide spread weed kill is achieved in a single pass.

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